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A Music FinTech app that allows users to select and collaborate with musicians to create original songs, and then rewards them with royalties when the songs are played, is a music collaboration and royalty sharing platform. This type of app can help independent musicians find new collaborators and revenue streams, while also providing fans with […]

I have successfully sold an urban magazine media company that I was responsible for. The company had successfully published and sold three magazines and had conducted interviews with five major musicians. Additionally, I was responsible for all marketing and media efforts, including managing advertising campaigns, social media, and other promotional activities to increase the visibility […]

I have sold an online radio station that had 17,000 monthly listeners and also sponsored music festivals in Europe and Dubai. I was responsible for all media and marketing efforts, which included advertising campaigns, social media management, and other promotional activities to increase the visibility and reach of the station. I was able to secure […]

After working with One Startup Studio, I have gained expertise in helping startups at various stages of development to get accepted into incubation programs, such as Y Combinator, and to raise money. My skillset includes a wide range of services, from project management to marketing, and also pitch deck creation. I have a proven track […]

Trilicon Digital is a private equity DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that allows members to pool their funds together and invest in companies. This DAO would allow members to leverage the intellectual property of the companies they invest in, to generate revenue for personal gain. This could include licensing agreements, partnerships or other revenue-generating opportunities. As […]