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We can start this introduction as they do on most websites. Jermaine Vanryck is a leader, business owner, mentor, speaker and more. Even though those are true .... I feel that I am more than that!


Jermaine Vanryck

Business Consultant + Speaker + Angel Investor

I have helped over 30 businesses that range from small to large-cap entities. My passion has also been helping the newcomers to the scene and helping them scale their image as well as their corporations. This is one of the main reasons I decided to branch out on my own and help people in need. I have invested in 3 startups and on the board of a total of 5. I have sold a radio station that I have built from the ground up in less than a year. After I sold my first company I decided to challenge myself again and to my luck since 2016 I have sold 5 additional companies. With profits coming in, I then decided to give back to my community and founded Vanryck Foundation and used my business skills to have companies such as Best Buy, Audible, Fivebelow, Snounds, and Micro Centre help me with that Venture.

Currently, the CEO and Founder of a music application with an estimated worth of 250k and board member of an Angel Investment Firm that invested in companies collectively valued over 750k I have developed a skillset to knowing and understanding what decision-makers need and want from the industry. It has not always been an easy ride with lots of ups, downs, and often painful decessions. However, somehow I am still here!

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Take a look at some of the things I have accomplished

Current “VanryckVenture”

2019- Current


After selling three companies Jermaine then used 45% of the profits to start a Venture Firm in New Jersey and New York.

SOLD “CypherCharts”


Chief Executive Officer

Cypher Charts was a music promotion firm that assisted artist in making connections within the music industry. Later sold in 2018.



Business Development Manager

NY2LA Radio was an online Hip-hop radio station that was started by a long time friend ( Calvin Smart) Jermaine Vanryck joined to help the company reach over 17k listeners and then was acquired by an Indian Media Service Company in 2019. Jermaine is now working on a deal to buy back the station he helped build and relaunch it in the North American market in min 2020.



Chief Executive Officer

SNVLIFE was an urban magazine that was started in New Jersey and later moved to New York City. Under my supervision and direction, the company was then sold three years later to a UK media company and rebranded in 2019.

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  • Strong Message
  • Great Feedback
  • Great Solutions
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Public Speaking

Engaged staff, more production and more knowledge about the various entities of business is why I am speaking for engagements. I’m committed to delivering specific, actionable ideas to impact today’s progressive leaders. Whether it is a corporate event or team gathering I will exceed your expectations! Helping your organization make the most of your event is something I take seriously. You don't always need a big name, a BIG IDEA or BIGGER PLAN OF ACTION is what gets the ball rolling. You need someone who can help your organization connect and communicate to get big results and that is Jermaine Vanryck!
  • Take a long-range view of your growth and development.
  • Brainstorming
  • Increase your Bottom Line
75$-300$ per month

Business Mentor

Think about what you want. Now imagine your life after achieving that goal. Launching a business or improving personal communication can open thousands of doors. Having someone in your corner can drastically shift the odds of success in your favor.
Imagine, Plan and Execute!
Let’s work together to bring your dreams to life!

  • Stand Out
  • Increase Fan Loyalty
  • Market Positioning
250$ - 550$

Branding / Marketing

Being unique is only a small part of building a brand. Gaining users that love your product has to be done in various ways. You need to show your customers why loyal matters and what trade-off you are giving them for being loyal. Is it price, better services, or a better experience? All of that goes into building your brand. It is more than a logo. It is also strategic positing that is the foundation of greatness. If you need help attracting more customers let me help you!

  • Invest in Early Stage StartUps
  • 1k - 20k Investments
  • Helped startups raise over 250k
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Angel Investing

Welcome Founders and Future Entrepreneurs! For over 5 years, I have provided capital for founders of early-stage startups; investing between $5K and $20K per company. As a fellow entrepreneur, I have the experience that can help you and your business gain traction and increase valuation.

Ready to start?

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If being good looking was a skill that would be all I need

Jermaine Vanryck has a wide range of skills that he has picked up over the years. These skills in branding, business planning, communication skills, public speaking and more.

  • Raised 15k+ of charity donations
  • Public Speaking
  • Branding



Some amazing people I met along the way!